Hyotantsugi (a.k.a. Gourdski)



This character is a gag created by Tezuka’s sister, Minako.  It appears in children’s comics, such as Astro Boy, Fuku-chan Goes Fishing and also made a debut in Manga University on the pattern of a sheet.  In the 2009 Astro Boy film, it was the print on one of the tall buildings in Metro City.  The only leading role it had to play was in a novella called The Deadly Mushroom.  Children find it a lot of fun trying to spot him in comic book scenes, and so do I.  It’s sort of like Where’s Wally or one of those picture books that you have to find a character or thing.



Hyotantsugi being chopped to pieces


Hyotantsugi in 2009 film


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